Resident Welfare Fund

What is the Resident Welfare Fund?

The Resident Welfare Fund is a fund to support residents to pay for any urgent or unexpected expenses.  This may include the purchase of essential household items or services to help residents improve their overall quality of life, safety, and wellbeing.

The principal aims of the Resident Welfare Fund are to help improve the quality of lives of individual residents who require additional financial support and help to buy basic household items or services. Especially where residents may not be entitled to any other agency/government support.

Who is eligible for the Resident Welfare Fund?

The Resident Welfare Fund applies to all Pathways residents that live in a property owned or managed by Pathways. The residents must:

  • Qualify for Housing Benefit/Universal Credit and do not qualify for help from DWP whilst waiting for their claim to be approved.
  • Be experiencing financial hardship, which will be assessed as part of the application process.
  • Have lost their jobs because of Covid-19 and have no other financial support.
  • Be experiencing material deprivation where residents lack certain goods, or services i.e., white goods, bed/bed linen; being able to pay for travel; the ability to meet friends; family members, or their ability to achieve an acceptable standard of living
  • Have a good tenancy record.

Each Resident Welfare Fund application will be considered on its own merits to ensure a fair and transparent process.

How many times can I apply for the Resident Welfare fund?

Each resident can:

  • make one application in any twelve-month period.
What can I use the Resident Welfare fund for?

Residents can use the Resident Welfare fund for:

  • Essential Household items: White good items that may include a refrigerator, washing machine, oven, bed, or lounge furniture, etc
  • Other Household items: including bed linen, armchair, crockery, cooking utensils, towels, etc
  • Deep clean of property or replace any old carpet/flooring that could become a hazard
  • Redecoration
  • Travel expenses to attend an important family occasion or event (i.e.) funeral, training, job interview, your local GP, Hospital
  • One-off emergency food shopping.
What can I not use the Resident Welfare fund for?

Residents cannot use the Resident Welfare fund for:

  • Paying your rent and service charge arrears
  • Paying credit card debts or personal loan payments
  • Paying any other financial debts
  • The purchase of luxury items
  • Items that may fall within the remit of a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) or with the terms of Pathways Housing Aids and Adaptations policy
  • Items that remain the responsibility of Pathways to rectify i.e., repairs and planned maintenance.
How do I apply for a Resident Welfare Fund Grant?

To apply for a grant from the Resident Welfare Fund you must:

  • Complete the Resident Welfare Fund application form that is found here on the Pathways Housing website
  • Supporting information is provided as part of the application process
  • Be able to evidence that you face financial difficulties and that the support of the Resident Welfare Fund would help to improve your overall quality of life, safety, and wellbeing.
When will I receive a response to my application?
  • A written reply will be provided to residents within 10 working days
  • In emergency situations, Pathways will apply discretion and respond to these requests outside of the application procedures, for example, food vouchers.
How will I get paid?

No cash payment will be made.

  • Payment for items will be undertaken by Pathways officers, and offered in the form of vouchers, BACs payment or directly to the Supplier on the residents’ behalf.
What if my application is declined?

Where an application is declined, you will have the right to appeal by writing to the Chief Executive.

  • There are other Agencies/Government support available to residents to help assist with payments of rent, service charges, financial debt, council tax payments, financial support pending your first benefit payment, funeral payments, cold weather payments, etc. Please contact or visit your local Council’s website in the first instance where they will provide support directly or re-direct you to the right agency for support.

Resident Welfare Fund Policy

Additional details about the Resident Welfare Fund, such as the purpose, eligibility, qualifying criteria, application procedure and monitoring can be found in the full policy available below.

Apply for a Resident Welfare Fund grant

Having read the above information, If you still feel that you meet the necessary criteria, please tap the button below to apply for a grant from the Resident Welfare Fund.