Keep Warm & Save Money

When the weather is cold, it is tempting to leave the heating on a high setting for most of the time in order to prevent us from getting too cold. But it is also important to remember that fuel is very expensive.
The following tips will help you to keep warm while using less energy, and so you can save money on energy bills and live greener:

  • If you have a thermostat for your heating, turn it down to 1 degree less than its usual setting. The recommended temperature for your home is between 18-21oC. Reducing your thermostat setting by only 1 degree can reduce your energy bills by up to 10%.
  • Keep doors closed to rooms in your home that are not being occupied. This will help retain heat in rooms being used by preventing it escaping into others and will help prevent draughts.
  • Cover floorboards with a rug. This will help to insulate the floor of your home and prevent more heat escaping.
  • Have hot meals and drinks.
  • Only heat the rooms you most often use in your home.
  • Draw curtains and blinds in the evening. This will help to retain any heat in your home.
  • Ensure no furniture is blocking your radiators. Blocking a radiator will prevent the heat from reaching the rest of the room when turned on.

There are many more ways you can save energy. You can find lots of information on the internet, or contact your local Age UK branch for more useful tips.