Commercial Property in Ealing

Pathways is the freeholder of the shops listed at the addresses below and every time that you shop with one of our traders, your money not only helps keep them in business but also the money that we get from renting these units goes entirely towards local community grants.

  • Funding projects that deliver training and work opportunities for disadvantaged young people
  • Assisting projects delivering support services to local people suffering from mental health problems, such as programmes where volunteers work on allotments which are considered therapeutic whilst yielding tangible outcomes
  • Contributing to funding a local mediation service that helps deal with anti-social behaviour and disputes amongst residents
  • Contributing to the funding of Local festivals and play schemes for local children

Pathways Shops & Commercial Properties:

  • 19 The Green, London W5
  • 20 The Green, London W5
  • 21 The Green, London W5
  • 22 The Green, London W5
  • 23 The Green, London W5
  • 24 The Green, London W5
  • 25 The Green, London W5
  • 26 The Green, London W5
Ealing Green - Commercial Property owned by Pathways

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