Applying for Housing

There are several stages to being accepted into Pathways accommodation schemes for independent living.

For more information on the accommodation application process, please contact our Housing Officers on 020 8579 7411.


Read the Accommodation Eligibility Criteria

The first stage of the application process is to read through the Accommodation Eligibility Criteria to ensure you are eligible and gather together the necessary supporting documentation.


Health Declaration Form

The second stage of the application process is download, print out, complete and get your GP to countersign/stamp the Health Declaration Form. This will need to be uploaded as part of Stage Three.


Accommodation Application Form

To continue the accommodation application process you now need to complete the online Accommodation Application Form. This will enable Pathways to collect the majority of the required information from you.


Home Visit

When your accommodation application has been accepted, one of our Housing Officers will contact you to arrange a home visit to discuss your circumstances and housing needs.


Trustee Approval

Before a final decision is made as to whether you will be offered accommodation, Trustee approval will be obtained.



At this stage, a final decision is made as to whether or not you will be offered a place in one of our homes.

Apply now for Independent Living Accommodation

If you’d like to apply for a place at this independent living housing scheme, see our Applying for Housing page to become familiar with the accommodation eligibility criteria and application process.