Accommodation Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for accommodation with Pathways, you must usually:

  • Be capable of living independently
  • be of limited financial means
  • be aged 50-60+ years at the time of applying*
  • have lived for the last two years in a borough where we currently have a housing scheme**
  • not be a homeowner, council tenant or housing association tenant
  • not be a pet owner.

* Specific age restrictions for individual schemes are listed in the residency criteria.

** There are some exceptions to this rule. For current borough residency location restrictions please see the residency criteria.

Health Declaration

As part of the accommodation application process, we require sight of a health declaration countersigned by your GP. We recommend you download, print, complete and take this to your GP in advance of starting the form. Once countersigned, you should then take a photo or scan of the health declaration and upload it at the end of the accommodation application form.

Supporting Documentation

To enable us to make a full assessment of your application, you must provide all documentation as stated below so we can verify your eligibility to join our housing waiting list. These documents can be uploaded as photos, scans or digital files in section 8 of the accommodation application form.

Please note that we will not be able to process your application without all the documentation and a fully completed application form.

  1. Two proofs of identity for each adult applicant (one of which should confirm your immigration status)
    • passports (current and valid)
    • full birth certificates
    • immigration documents from Home Office confirming your status
    • full driving licence (current address)
    • photo provisional driving license only current address (the paper form is not accepted)
    • marriage certificate / civil partnership certificate
    • divorce papers from the court
    • residence permit
    • NHS medical card (current address)
    • award letter from the Department for Work and Pensions / JobCentre Pius
    • naturalisation document.
  2. Two proofs of address
    • utility bills e.g. gas electricity, water etc. with current address (mobile telephone bills are excluded)
    • proof of savings e.g. bank/building society statements with current address
    • award letter from the Department for Work and Pensions / JobCentre Plus / Pension Service with current address
    • letters from official bodies e.g. council tax, housing benefit, schools, hospitals. solicitors, social services etc.
    • other relevant documents with the current address e.g. mortgage statement, discharge papers for ex-armed forces, etc.
  3. EEA (European Economic Area) nationals
    • Accession Workers Authorisation Certificate or registration certificate (Croatian nationals only)
    • Accession Work Card or a Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS), (Bulgarian and Romanian
    • nationals only)
    • wage slips within the past 12 months with the name and address of employer
    • self-employed – certified accounts, last 12 months bank statements
    • national identity card (mandatory)
  4. Proof of income for each adult
    • 5 weekly, 2 monthly or 3 fortnightly consecutive payslips
    • award letters from the Department for Work and Pensions / JobCentre Plus / Pension Service
    • tax credit award letter
    • self-employed trading accounts for the last financial year and tax returns
    • student loan/grant award letters
    • occupation pension
    • other income
  5. Savings and capital
    • last 2 months consecutive bank statements for all accounts
    • certificates of premium bonds, national savings certificates, ISAs, stocks, shares and unit trusts.
  6. Evidence of tenancy
    • tenancy agreement
    • rent book
    • letter from landlord/agent
    • letter from the host
    • rent receipts (bed and breakfast and hotels only).
  7. Evidence of National Insurance number
    • National Insurance card
    • award Fetters from the Department for Work and Pensions / JobCentre Plus / Pension Service
    • P60, P45 or payslip. 

Accommodation Application Form

Please tap on the button below to view the Accommodation Application Form. This features a ‘Save & Continue’ facility (at the bottom of the form) to allow you to complete the form over a period of 30 days.

Apply now for Independent Living Accommodation

If you’d like to apply for a place at this independent living housing scheme, see our Applying for Housing page to become familiar with the accommodation eligibility criteria and application process.