Main Grant Application Form

Before completing this form, please ensure you have read through the eligibility criteria and have to hand the documents from the following list that are relevant to your organisation, ideally in a digital format. These will need to be uploaded/copied into the form in support of your Grant Funding application.

  • A set of Accounts (E.g. audited accounts)
  • Annual Report (E.g. Financial statement, Balance sheets, Auditors reports)
  • Your organisation’s Constitution (E.g. Copy of Constitution and/or Management Structure)
  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy (Such as Equality and Diversity Policies)
  • If the application is to fund staff, we require the following: Job description, person specification and proposed salary levels.

This form will likely take you between 1.5 and 2 hours to complete. There is a ‘save and continue’ link at the bottom of the form, which allows you to complete the form in part and continue at a later time, if necessary. The link to continue completing the form is emailed to you, but will expire after 30 days.

Please note that you cannot receive more than £5,000 from Grassroots Grants. If you receive more than £5,000 from one or more Local Funders you will have to return all Grassroots Grants funding over £5,000 to the relevant Local Funder.

For clarity, the end-purpose of the funding, be it a project, a service or some work, will hereafter be referred to as the ‘project’.