About Housing Pathways Trust

Almshouse charities are the oldest form of social housing in England. Pathways’ legacy dates to the 17th century and today the charity is responsible for 270 Almshouses that provide low cost accommodation to people in need over the age of 50. The Almshouses are located at 19 sites across London with one site in Kent.

In addition to the Almshouses, the charity owns 8 commercial properties, 15 leasehold properties and two allotments.

The income from the commercial properties at Ealing Green supports our Ealing and Brentford grants programme.

The Haslemere allotment in Northfields dates to 1910 and has 72 plots. The Northfield Avenue allotments has 170 plots and dates to 1832 making it London’s oldest allotment.

The charity is regulated by the Charity Commission and the Regulator of Social Housing.